About me/Info

Name: Stuart

Born: late 70s, Aylesbury, UK

Stuart, May 2019

Marital Status: Not Single/Not looking

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

What I offer:

At Wax Attack MK, I aim to offer a professional, 121, no-nonsense, male waxing service, for gentlemen of all races, sexual orientations, and for a range of different reasons. I offer the option of a male therapist for male clients in a comfortable environment. This works very well for some gentlemen for a whole host of reasons.

What I will not accept:

I do not wish to be sent any “selfies” or “flirty texts” thanks. I’m not really interested in what you look like or what your sexual preferences are etc. I have a “ZERO TOLERANCE” approach to anybody who I feel appears to act inappropriately! Please be mindful and respectful at all times.