Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy (Male & Female)

Sport and remedial massage is not only for people who take part ihn sport and physical activities, its also very effective in treating muscular issues caused in the workplace or in hard physical activities.

People who sit for long periods or physical workers can all suffer from the effects of repetitive strain or find that sitting, standing, or working in a certain position for long periods, can cause certain muscles to work harder or work constantly.

This can lead to tension and imbalances in the Muscular system. The Human body wasn’t designed to sit at a desk or plaster walls day in, day out. In my experience, most people who wake up suddenly one morning with an aching neck or shoulder, have had this condition building up for a long time rather than “sleeping funny” one night.

I have 20 years experience in Massage, Sports Injuries ans fitness and have various qualifications including ITEC, IIHHT and BSY. 

I create a comfortable and professional environment for both Male and Female clients. There are no waiting rooms or gym type of surroundings.