Waxing price list

Prices are guidelines. Please contact me for more information or book online.

Upper Body/ Trunk:
Back and shoulder: £20 – £30
Chest and Abdomen £20-£30
Chest, Shoulders back and abdomen £35 – £50

Nostrils: £10
Ears: £10
Both: £15

Nape of Neck £10
Neck and shoulders £20

Arm Wax:
Full Arms £45 (hands included)

Full legs: £50 (Feet included)
Half legs: £30 (feet included)

Intimate Wax £60

(This includes everything inside the “Speedos” and lower back. It will be less if not all areas are to be waxed)

Full Body: £120
With Intimate wax £160

Prices may vary slightly due to amount of areas waxed. All hair lines are blended where appropriate. I’m happy to discuss anything that is not listed or answer any questions.